Free Xmas Song Download

Merry Xmas everyone! As our gift to you we have recorded a light hearted Xmas song. It can be downloaded for free here: (You do need to register first, don't worry we won't send you lots of annoying emails) It will be part of a Nouvelle Mode Xmas compilation which is supposed to be available to download now... but it isn't yet.  So I will post the link when I get it. Also this Wednesday we will be performing the song along with the other bands on the magic compilation at Taylor John's house in Coventry Her's the Facebook link:

Sequinettes II

image image

Thank you all 😉

Where’s Justin????

Click for a bigger size to find Justin

Where is Justin?  He's been everywhere recently except playing with the Sequins 🙁  However tomorrow night at Taylor  John's he will be appearing with the Sequins supporting Zeus. Zeus are really good by the way... pretty much the best thing out of Canada since Bryan Adams.  Have a listen (they don't sound like Bryan Adams by the way) And I'm itching to play.  It's been too long... well about a month.   xxx Justin

Steve Weir, Football Pundit

I was very excited to be interviewed by a football fans website after going to see Coventry City away at QPR last week.  It made my day despite watching city lose (again..) Have a look: I didn't realise quite how wonky my glasses really were till I saw this! Off to the opticians tomorrow...