Treasure Island

image Ooh argh! Donna Sequin made her appearance this weekend in the Binley woods annual pantomime.  She also played the banjo as well. Was she good? Oh no she wasn't! Oh yes she was! Etc...

Let Robeson Sing!

I was fortunate enough to catch the wonderful play 'Call Mr Robeson' at the Belgrade theatre on Saturday.  It touched on his life as an actor singer and political campaigner, and it was delivered with a fantastic performance from Tayo Aluko.  However it is the amazing story of a great man that really carries this.  If you get the chance to see it I'd recommend it! I sometimes wonder what Hywel with his quite girly voice would sound like singing Paul Robeson songs...  Maybe a bit like Alvin the Chipmunk doing Madonna.

Video for Man Alive

With the biggest budget ever seen since Titanic and a cast list that would make the expendables proud, we present the Man Alive video! A big thanks to Jen Preece who made this happen. Sequins Steve has already described this as 'suitable indie nonsense (in the nicest possible way)'. It knocks the spots off the My Velouria video anyway!

The Sequins are number 1!

... well on Google at least! We finally knocked off our Myspace. I hate Myspace. I really hate Myspace.

I knew we'd get a number 1 one day...

Sequins manufacturers beware!