The Sequins: The Risky Woods Re-release


Hi everyone. It's been a long time!

Our 2010 Risky Woods EP has just been re-released to iTunes, Spotify and all those sorts of places via Creature Lab Records. This was one of the bands favourite releases and was I think the only release not on any streaming services!

We will have some even more exciting news for you soon so watch this space.

The Sequins x

Davoud Davies photos from Taylor Johns These are pretty good.  Great sets from Zun Zun Egui and Souvaris.  I did take some of my own photos but they pale in comparison to the ones with the above link!

Zeus the Canadian gods of retro rock

image Very good night, thanks everyone for coming down! Zeus made my dad's taste in music seem modern, but they pulled it off fantastically.  They sounded like the Beatles if they stayed together until 1973 (and one of them has amazing chest hair)

We Are The Dead

Coventry band 'We Are The Dead' are releasing their first EP this weekend, with a horror themed launch party on Saturday: This should be fun. It's the third or so release for Nouvelle Mode records, a label which is run by Tom (who was) in The Sequins. Tom is now devoting more of his time to the label, so expect a few more interesting release on there especially from The Moonbears and Tenebrous Liar. Interestingly, Brendan of Tenebrous Liar used to be The Sequins drummer and Jon from The Moonbear recorded the first ever Sequins releases. I feel like everyone has slept with each other! By the way the bassist of this We Are The Dead is amazingly talented. In fact I might marry him 🙂