Let Robeson Sing!

I was fortunate enough to catch the wonderful play 'Call Mr Robeson' at the Belgrade theatre on Saturday.  It touched on his life as an actor singer and political campaigner, and it was delivered with a fantastic performance from Tayo Aluko.  However it is the amazing story of a great man that really carries this.  If you get the chance to see it I'd recommend it! I sometimes wonder what Hywel with his quite girly voice would sound like singing Paul Robeson songs...  Maybe a bit like Alvin the Chipmunk doing Madonna.

Song, by Toad; Indie Label, by Toad

We have a lot of repect for Matthew Young aka Toad as he has always reviewed our releases and is probably the only truly trustworthy source of indie music information in Scotland. (Indie in this case actually meaning 'Independent' like its supposed to!) One thing he commented on our Risky Woods release was the way a blog (indie-mp3) used its prominence to release music as an indie label.  Well Mr Toad we have to take our hats off to you for also setting up a remarkable label 'Song,By Toad Records'!  If any of you get a chance to listen to Inspector Tapehead, please do! Here's another wonderful example of his opinions!

The Crookes, true Bright Young Things

It's not often that bassist Steve Weird comes out from under his black permacloud and profess his adulation for a band that we played with. So we have treat this as quite a special moment. We heard The Crookes on 6Music the other day, so we thought we'd mention how good we thought they were...

Russian Roulette and The Lyrebirds’ refusal to play

The interesting night, Russian Roulette, turned out to be quite dramatic culminating in The Lyrebirds (stirring gloom-rock hooking ducks in White Lies’ fairground - NME) falling out with the promoters and effectively storming out of the venue.  Obviously we are not one to judge, we were given several excuses by different people: Sound engineer - "Money issues..." Lyrebirds Guitarist - "It's a long story.." Friend of the promoter - "Rockstar egos..."

The Lyrebirds packing up instead of playing

Awe Kids (which stands for "The Awe Inspiring Kids" ) played a tight set that was nearly as tight as their trousers:

Awe Kids - it stands for "The Awe Inspiring Kids"

Many thanks for those who came down to watch us. Every bit of our equipment worked for once!

Russian Roulette Poster

We love you all!  Especially Birthday Boy Ed who put us on and was still the ray of sunshine we always remembered.