Coventry Telegraph Interview

We  were interviewed (albeit via email) by the Coventry Telegraph.  You can read our mundane answers following the link below: We manage to sound slightly more interesting than Razorlight.

Over-Caffeinated Popsters

I love the inventive descriptions that are banded round to describe us!  They are always welcome. 'Over-Caffeinated Popsters' is the term used for a nice little mention in Terrascope Rumbles.    To me though it conjures up an image of JLS after they've eaten too much sugar. And yes... that is the picture they decided to feature next to us.  It definitely trumps our best band (crap) photos!

New Reviews & Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all. We had a nice little break and we've been doing a bit of recording. In any case a couple of new reviews have come to our attention for Japan/Alive! Organ who aren't the first reviewers to compare us with Roxy Music. (still not sure about that comparison, but it is complementary nonetheless!) and Mojophenia who describe 'Streets of Japan' as 'a homicidal killer of a track with triumphant Day-Glo intentions'. Not quite sure what that means, but it sounds pretty good! So thank you both! Its a bit late for Xmas cards, but you never know...

Some Of It Was True!

Another good blog coverage of Japan/Alive! (Again not French) Given that this is a blog that focuses exclusively on artists from London, it's especially nice! This wasn't a blog that I personally followed before, but it is very very genuine and beautifully sweet: Some interesting posts...