Positive Blogs

On the balance of blogs we've read, the Germans seem to have found a bit more favour in us than the French (see the last post!) dasklienicum Danke schön! Also we got a nice recommendation on Burning World. They've kindly put us together with a few other recommended tracks. Also a thanks out to Green Wedge who have put up a profile for us and have featured some of our songs on their main player! It looks like people do like us (if they aren't French)

Best Review Ever!

We don't normally get bad reviews, but 'Sounds Of Violence' compares The Sequins aural experience to listening to a homophobic and anti-semitic Grandfather. They go on to suggest that you should contemplate suicide if Man Alive gets stuck in your head. I guess G4 haven't been exported across the channel. In any case we found this review extremely amusing especially if you put it through Google translate. It seems to add that extra sparkle to it. Click on the logo to read!

Band of geniuses or a motley bunch of musical villains?

Another review from Tastyfanzine (click on the logo to view it)

Sturdy thinks this is lukewarm but at 7/10 I think its pretty positive! 'uncoolness' - er... yep 'Hywel Roberts’ voice strays between Fergal Sharkey and Justin Hawkins' - Not sure about that! 'motley bunch of musical villains' - Absolutely

Punk Ist Nicht Tot

We have received another excellent blog review from an Artrocker jounalist Click on their logo to view it. Punk Ist Nicht Tot 4/5 then? Does that mean we can sack 1/5 of The Sequins? hehe...