Zeus the Canadian gods of retro rock

image Very good night, thanks everyone for coming down! Zeus made my dad's taste in music seem modern, but they pulled it off fantastically.  They sounded like the Beatles if they stayed together until 1973 (and one of them has amazing chest hair)

Help Japan


My guitar posing (it does this by itself) - By Anthony Weir

We had a great time at Taylor Johns and more importantly we helped raise £400 for the victims of the dreadful Japanese disaster. A big well done to Tony who put a lot of hours in putting the night together and all the other bands.  I managed to take a couple of photos (badly):

The Pristines - like John Otway having sexual relations with Hefner

Fight At The Pier - If MCR's Helena had balls

Ian The Sound Guy - Making sure no one sounded as good as Souvaris
  Very Good! I had fun anyway!